Frudy Fuzbeer

5 nigts @ frudy's

The Fuzbeer Band02:19

The Fuzbeer Band

5 nigts @ frudy's

Frudy Fuzbeer only has 2 vids on his channel. but soon he will make moar. dis guy does not hav sweg and uses no swear words

Friends: Felix Suillvan, Bunnie the Binny, Cheka the duk, Fexy the perate Fex (sometimes), Gulden Frudy, Toy Frudy, Toy Bunnie, Toy Cheka, Mengle, The Poppet, Balloen Booy and SprenTrop (only once)

Enimes: Dolan Duk, Spodermen, SprengTrop, Porple men, Froddy Fozbaer, Phoone Goy and Maweoh also Luiege

Loves: Singing, Killing NightGuards, Peace, Pizza (he does not always eat it but he still likes it), Making vids (somtimes he is busy that's why there has not been a single vid 4 a month), Playing with Frends and Playing Video Geams

Hates: Swear Words, Sex, pple taking his stuff, being annoyed by kids (that's in the fuzbeer band), Spiders and Girly Things

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