Shedew spodermen
Shedew (relly dolan)

Hys faec


Shedew in Doge form

Super shedew

Super Shedew in doge form

Hyper Shedew

Hyper Shedew in doge form



shedew is the evehl versin ov sanic

Shedew is Sanic but with more abilities. He can go Super Shedew by consuming

all seven chaos doritos. The legend says it, while Shedew consumes all seven chaos doritos wile smoking weed, he becomes Hyper Shedew. Hyper Shedew is supposed to flash colors, but due to me being cheap i didnt make it flash. He can use Koz Danktroll that destroys every thing around him. He also has a Doge form.  In the Sanic universe he was made 50 years ago.  But in real time, the date he was made is unknown but, people are sure he was made after sanic.

shedew hegehog(sometimes named edgy sanic, due to how he can do everything sanic hegehog can, but edgier) is the rival of sanic hegehog.